The maeaning of genaration gap


Generation gap is the differences in the congruence between the former and the later generations. According to the studies of culture there has to be a clear and smooth transitions of some of the values, taboos, mores and sanctions in relations to norms which are passed to the other generation so as to keep the community and society going and cultured but due to the differences in the education, technology know how and socialization ability the old have been neglected by the young and the for being “out dated” and the old fear mingling with the young for failure of disappointment. The rate at which the technology keep changing can’t be coped up by the old so there is an ever increasing gap between the old and the young.

Generations’ conflicts

Due to the rise of many cultures and globalization as a whole there has been the rise of the fact that many siblings each copying and applying a different culture which brings a conflict within the siblings and then into the family, next in the group and finally in the society. Different generations each expecting the other one to behave in a given way and failure to do that produces the internal conflicts and external conflicts which in turn weakens and encourages the delinquency among the juvenile for they end up being stranded on who to emulate.

Ungrounded cognitive belief


For the proper development of a cognitive belief there must be proper grounds for it to develop and grow. Cognitive belief is dependent on culture which in turn shapes and feeds the brain which controls all the attention, concentration, and the assimilation. Due to the rapid changes of culture children fail to adopt a given one and be identified by them thus promoting the delinquency and crimes especially to the young minds of the juveniles. This effect was noticed in china until the government had to put some measure over the use of the internet and many other social media by the minor. Due to unending and severe exposure to the multi cultures, the juveniles’ minds have become somehow blown up for what is good and what is bad. In the 19th and 20th centuries there have been a lot of technological advancements which has practically activated the biggest difference between the learned and the not learned. With the rise of the formal sect of education, most children were expected to attain the highest best known education level but least attention was given to the informal sect which enabled them acquire the vital cultural education including the moral standards, the values expected in the society, the stringent taboos, folkways and mores all were never concentrated upon as the main link between the older generation and the current one which therefore amounted to a generation gap, a technological gap and the silent delinking between the generations which have done more harm than good.

Unrealistic living styles and imaginations in juveniles


Due to culture change and poor combative cognitive formation the juvenile end up developing an unrealistic living standards and lifestyle that has no background. In movies children see revenge and killings and celebrity lives which they try to apply their real life thus to meet the standards some end up committing crime and delinquency. It has been argued time and again that after watching a movie children will tend to behave like the actors in the movies and some translate them into real world, a thing that has become so dangerous to the growth and development of the paramount culture for the proper society development.It’s important to allow children and help them develop a strong personal will and self as this will help them solve many other trivial problems and also the coming cyclopean ones. No man is an island and no man stands alone no society can stand alone, my arguments and evaluations therefore according to the general consensus amongst the criminologists and lawyers will be that the best way to commence our fighting against the abnormal rise of juvenile delinquency will be to consider the following factors.

  • I. The cognitive in relation to mind and action of human beings.
  • II. How important is the mind related to law and morality?
  • III. The different religious perceptions of the importance of law, ethic and morality.
  • IV. The historical, psychological, sociological, biological and physiological aspects in relation to crime.
  • V. What is the criminal mind?
  • VI. How can the government come in to help the parents bring up their children to avoid rampant increase in juvenile delinquency?
  • VII. How is the will related to the cognitive?
  • VIII. How to strengthen the will power of a juvenile
  • IX. The guilt and the innocent determination.
  • X. The importance of gender and sex identification.

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